Puppy Hygiene Mat

Puppy Hygiene Mat


Super absorbent, non slip, washable/re-useable incorporating innovative Italian anti-bacterial technology these pads are suitable for using on the drying table, in the salon, Home or Car or Kennel. Also Perfect for use in Puppy training or for elderley dogs.
Absorbs up to 2 Litres of liquid and washes in temperatures up to 90deg/ Re-useable up to 600 times. Leak proof, odourless.

Absorbent mat options
  • Absorbent Mat

     This Super absorbant mat is an innovative Italian product created using new anti-odour technology.  The special microporous membrane blocks liquids by allowing air to circulate avoiding the heat that can breed germs and bacteria which in turn can cause odour.

    Washable over 600 times at up to 95 °the Giò Medoro Pad Dries quickly meaning its ready to use time and time again.

    Perfect for use in the home, car, grooming salon. Ideal on the grooming table for drying.

    • Ecological
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Washable
    • Reuseable
    • Post operative friendly
    • Innovative technology


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