PRE-MIX Secret Weapon 250ml

PRE-MIX Secret Weapon 250ml

SKU: Premix

No measuring or mixing with this version of the product.
Secret Weapon Pre-mix is already diluted for you to use as a 'spray on leave in detangler/conditioner'. This version of Secret Weapon will give you the same benefits as the concentrate, its just easier to use if you don't bath the dog that often! Great to help you maintain the coat.


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  • Pre-mixed Ready to Use Solution

    This Secret Weapon Pre-mix solution can be used by adding it to your grooming shampoo or as a simple detangle spray.

    No mixing or measuring just an easy solution to experiencing Secret Weapon, great for pet owners and first time users!

    PLEASE NOTE: Pre-mix is NOT a shampoo, it can be added to your shampoo at the ratio of 100ml per 1L of undiluted grooming shampoo

    • 250ml
    • Natural Oils
    • Hydrates
    • Detangles



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