Secret Weapon XTRA is a Concentrate dematting conditioning shampoo additive that will make grooming easier and faster than ever before.

  • You can add Secret Weapon directly to your favourite shampoo. It hydrates the coat and makes dematting a breeze. 
  • You can dilute it with warm pre-boiled water and use as a brushing, dematting or scissoring spray after the bath … it’s  amazing!
  • Use in your pre-show bath for a more manageable and conditioned coat.
  • Furthermore, it is great on all breeds! Especially useful on Poodles, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Poodle-crosses, and other matt-prone, thick-coated dogs.
  • Safe for use on Cats too!

Secret Weapon Xtra Super Concentrate is for de-matting and preventing tangles. 

it conditions even the most challenging fur without weighing the coat down.

Each bottle is also available with a 20ml measuring syringe to help you get the right dosage.

please note: Measuring Syringe does not fit into the neck of the smaller bottles, it is for measuring the product dose to add to your shampoos.

TIP: Simply pour some product into the lid then draw it up into the syringe, squirt required amount into your shampoo and the excess back into the bottle.

Secret Weapon concentrate is excellent value for money: The following Example is based on a 500ml bottle at £57.95. Each 12.5ml dose costs £1.44, so each litre of undiluted (or neat) shampoo has £1.44 worth of Secret Weapon added to it.

EXAMPLE: in a 10-1 dilution shampoo the cost of the Secret Weapon product in that diluted litre is £0.14p. And in a 20-1 dilution shampoo the cost of each Secret Weapon wash is £0.07p

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  • Secret Weapon Concentrate

    De-matt, De-shed, Hydrate, add volume, Dry faster.

    This Amazing product helps to de-matt, de-knot and de-tangle the toughest of coats with such ease you'll think it's magic! 

    Secret Weapon is highly concentrated containing naturally occurring oils and proteins and is revolutionary because it was developed to specifically combat the challenge of removing knots and matts from the coat. while also hydrating and conditioning.

    Engineered to enter the hairshaft Secret Weapon works from within to hydrate and volumise each individual hair.  

    With regular use Secret Weapon improves hair quality resulting in fewer matts and tangles occuring which in turn means the coat looks healthier and maintains its structure making grooming much easier to deal with on a daily basis for you and your pet.


    Secret Weapon continues working long after the groom keeping the skin and coat hydrated - no other product does this!

    Contains: Coconut, Macadamia & Avocado oils. Keratin 

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    For best results: Please see our  'How to Use'  and  '10 Steps to Success'  pages.




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