Secret Weapon SLS free Shampoos

Secret Weapon SLS free Shampoos


The Secret Weapon Ultimutt Shampoo range is SLS and Paraben Free. 

Extra mild with natural glucosides to cleanse, condition, detangle and maintain the coat. This low foaming highly emollient shampoo will gently lather throughout the coat softening the hair follicles resulting in a manageable coat. All our Secret Weapon shampoos contain a dose of Secret Weapon Concentrate to help with tangle free coat maintenance.

About our Shampoos

*Mineral Mud & Greent Tea - SLS free - soothes skin issues & conditions coat

*Goats Milk & Honey - SLS free - Nourishing for sensitive skin, great for Poodle Cross coats.

*Coconut Milk & Greek Yoghurt - SLS free - Natural skin and coat health formula, volumises & straightens

*Rhassoul Clay Shampoo - SLS free - Restores natural balance, repairs dry damaged hair leaves silky & shiny.

*Detox & Repair Green Clay Shampoo - detox and purifies the skin and hair.


Remember all of our SLS Free products are made from 100% Human Grade ingredients so are great for using on your own hair too.

The Secret Weapon shampoo range is made under license in the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to current supply issues the bottles you receive may look different to the advertised version but will still contain the correct volume of product.


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  • SECRET WEAPON Shampoo Range. dilution ratio 10-1

    Organic Mineral Mud & Green Tea- contains Dead Sea Minerals, natural oils and a dose of Secret Weapon to soothe and feed the skin and coat. Great for heat spots, dry or itchy skin.  Leaves a natural texture and adds volume. No other conditioner required.  SLS free, no tear formula. Bespoke Hand Made Shampoo


    Goats Milk & Honey - Soothing and nourishing for sensitive skin   Leaves coat soft & silky. Perfect for Poodle/ Doodle coats when you want the coat to regain its natural curl.  SLS free no tear formula. Bespoke Hand Made Shampoo 


    Organic Coconut Milk & Greek Yoghurt - The combination of Greek Yohurt and Coconut milk and a dose of Secret weapon. A rich nourishing shampoo that promotes coat and skin health as well as volumising and straightening. Ideal for Poodles or Bichons  and great for thin coated dogs such as Maltese where it can sometimes be difficult to get a good finish on the haircut. SLS free no added colours. with a delicious coconut fragrance.  Bespoke hand made shampoo


    Detox Green Clay shampoo - SLS free degreases oily skin on all breeds. Clarifying which means its great for drawing out any product residues, impurities or excess sebum from the hair and good for soothing irritated skin. No tear formula. Bespoke hand made shampoo.


    Rhassoul Clay Shampoo - SLS free is excellent for drawing out impurities and toxins. The natural mineral elements in Rhassoul clay will cleanse and nourish hair whilst moisturising and softening the hair. It also improves curl definition and structure.




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