Flexi Slicker Brush


Professional quality flexible double sided slicker brush.

  • Double Sided - brushes from any angle.
  • Flexible Head - helps to prevent brush burn
  • Ergonomic Handle - less wrist strain, helps with RSI
  • Large tines - perfect for fluff drying, separates the coat beautifully
Brush Size
  • Flexible Head Slicker Brush

    This 9" double sided flexible head slicker brush is perfect for use on any coat. Soft one side and firm the other.  Makes light work of brushing through thick, curly coats and makes Fluff Drying a breeze!  

    Ergonomic flexible silicone sides on the well made handle eases wrist strain thereby reducing RSI.

    We have been selling these brushes for over 5 years our customers love them! Suitable for the seasoned Professional or the pet owner.

    NOW: Also available in 7" suitable for smaller breeds and Cats


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