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French Green Clay Coat Masque

French Green Clay Coat Masque

SKU: FrGn150ml
PriceFrom £8.99

What is Masque for hair?A hair or coat masque (mask) is a deep conditioning treatment. It can be applied once a month or more often (as required) as a pre-wash treatment.Certain Clays are formed from volcanic sediments that have been broken down in or near natural bodies of water. Clays are extremely rich in minerals and depending on where they originate can give different results.FRENCH GREEN CLAY CONDITIONING HAIR MASQUE - The clay used in this masque originates from ancient bedrock deposits in France and is rich in trace minerals. Considered by many to have healing properties this clay masque can be used to help boost circulation to the surface of the skin stimulating hair growth, tighten pores and remove excess oils and product build-up from the coat. Combined within our organic moisturising ingedients this masque will soften and reduce frizz.Remember all of our Conditioning products are made from 100% Human Grade ingredients so are great for using on your own hair too.How to use:1. Apply to the wet coat before shampooing, leave for a few mins to penetrate the hair then add shampoo and wash as normal. 2. Apply to the coat after rinsing the shampoo out, work through the hair then leave for a few mins then rinse.

Cat friendly version available - please message for more information.

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