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HYPNOTIC Concentrate

HYPNOTIC Concentrate

PriceFrom £20.00

This is a super value concentrate version of our ever popular Hypnotic hypoallergenic detangle product.  Buying concentrate gives you fantastic value for money.

Hypnotic Concentrate is a great buy for salon owners or those with multiple dogs.

Hypnotic hypoallergenic detangle spray is unlike any other silicone based product you will have used because it contains 'water soluble silicone' this means no matter how often you use it there is absolutely no sticky build up in the coat and at the very next bath Hypnotique will wash straight so every application of Hypnotic is just like the first. You'll wonder how you ever groomed without it!  The concentrate is also available with one of our 500ml Flairosol bottles which are fantastic for using with detangle spray becuase of the light coverage provided by the very fine spray. No more wet coats, save product and money.

  • Anti-static
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mild water soluble silicone
  • No sticky residue
  • New improved formula
  • Made in the UK
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