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Hypnotic Trio Pack

Hypnotic Trio Pack

SKU: Hyptrio

The Hypnotic coat care pack is suitable for use with Cats and Dogs.  This sensational value for money Pack consists of all you need to care for your pets coat keeping it matt free and hydrated.

Pack includes:

  • Secret Weapon SLS free Bright & Clean Shampoo - 500ml fragrance free
  • Intense demat coat treatment - 500ml fragrance free
  • Hypnotic Hypoallergenic detangle spray - 250ml fragrance free


Please note: All of our shampoos are Professional Grooming quality, they are all dilutable at a ratio of  10-1,  this means that you can (if you want to) dilute the shampoo (10ml to every 100ml of water) in a jug with then wash the dog. If you prefer to use the shampoo 'neat' (undiluted) you can do this too , you just won't need to use much per bath.

Please note: we do not advise keeping diluted shampoo for any length of time, this is because tap water contains bacteria. Any unused, diluted shampoo material should be discarded 24 hours after mixing.


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