Choose from a 50ml, 100ml or 250ml bottle of Hypknotic Concentrate to make our fabulous hypoallergenic detangle spray at home in your very own 200ml Flairosol bottle.

Here's an example of how much our Concentrate product gives you:

50ml makes 1 Litre of ready to use detangle spray.

100ml makes 2L

250ml makes 5L.

Simply add 10ml (or 2 teaspoons) of the concentrate to your 200ml Flairosol and top up with warm pre-boiled water.

Hypknotic Combo Options
  • Flairosol Bottle + Concentrate 50ml or 100ml

    50ml = 1L ready to use product

    100ml = 2L ready to use product

    250ml = 5L of ready to use product.

    All the power of an aerosol without the noise or the gasses. Perfect for those sensitve cats and dogs. A fine mist like spray that makes your product last longer with absolutley no wastage!

    Hypknotic hypoallergenic detangle spray is anti-static and unlike other silicone based products contains 'water soluble silicone'   so no matter how often you use it there is absolutely no sticky build up in the coat and at the very next bath Hypknotic will wash straight out meaning every application of Hypknotic is just like the first.


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