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Coat Care Trio

Coat Care Trio


This Coat Care Trio is the answer to reducing matts and maintaing the coat. Offering the Perfect coat care solution for dogs of all ages each pack is designed to help you clean, detangle, condition and keep your pets coat matt free. Together with our professional quality grooming tools you'll have the help all you need to care for your pets coat.


Please note: All of our shampoos are Professional Grooming quality, they are all dilutable at a ratio of  10-1,  this means that you can (if you want to) dilute the shampoo (10ml to every 100ml of water) in a jug with then wash the dog. If you prefer to use the shampoo 'neat' (undiluted) you can do this too , you just won't need to use much per bath.


Please note: we do not advise keeping diluted shampoo for any length of time, this is because tap water contains bacteria. Any unused, diluted shampoo material should be discarded 24 hours after mixing.


Pack :  Contains 500ml shampoo 250ml Intense dematt conditioner and 250ml Tangle Tamer detangle spray





  • Grooming Tools

    Do you have the correct tools to groom your pets at home?

    De-matting tool - A professional quality knot removal tool that makes this task a breeze. With an ergonomic handle to prevent wrist strain.

    How to use: Place the blades behind the knot and use a gentle rocking motion by twisting the wrist to ease the knot from the coat. 

    Double sided Slicker brush - A professional quality flexible headed Slicker brush which is perfect for every coat. Simply lift the coat and use the Slicker to brush the hair down in layers. The flexible head prevents dragging or pulling the hair.

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