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Secret Weapon Intense

Secret Weapon Intense

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Secret Weapon Intense is a fragrance free concentrate product that will demat, de-shed, detangle, hydrate, add volume, speed up the drying process and give you AMAZING results. Intense is availbale fragrance free or with a delicious Coconut fragrance..

Secret Weapon Intense can be added to your favourite shampoo to aid hydration and detangling whilst you wash or used as a post shampoo dematt treatment.  Intense  can also be worked into any tough matts before shampooing so it gets to work loosening those matts before you apply your shampoo. You can even dilute it to make an effective conditioning detangle spray.

  • Available in 6 sizes to suit every pocket.
  • Add Intense directly to your favourite shampoo. 
  • Intense will hydrate the coat and make dematting a breeze. 
  • You can dilute Intense with warm pre-boiled or distilled water and use as a brushing, dematting or scissoring spray.
  • Use in your pre-show bath for a more manageable and conditioned coat.
  • Its great for all breeds and especially good on Poodles, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Poodle-crosses, Lagotto and other matt-prone dog breeds with thicker coats.
  • Coat condition improves with every use
  • Shelf life in excess of 12months in its concentrate form.
  • Secret Weapon Intense is made in the UK


All of our Conditioning products are made from 100% Human Grade ingredients so are great for using on your own hair too.

MSDS available upon request

  • Secret Weapon Intense

    Secret Weapon Intense is a  Paraben free detangling conditioning Product  that can be added to your favourite shampoo or for powerful matt busting used with our range of Secret Weapon Shampoos. Contains natural PH and ION regulators plus vitamins E & B5 which restore, protect and feed the coat. 

    Secret Weapon Intense is a concentrate dematting product.  This versatile conditioner helps you to de-matt the coat whilst the organic ingredients set to work moisturising and feeding the skin and hair. 

    Adds volume, hydrates, conditions detangles, rinses out easily and reduces drying time.  Non-greasy, non-sticky and contains natural oils

    Secret Weapon Intense can be applied directly to tough mats, used after the shampoo or diltued 10-1 to make a de-matting spray solution and diluted even further at  5-1 to make a scissor spray solution.


    With New Secret Weapon Coat Tamer working from the inside of each hair hydrating and conditioning and Intense working on the outside - the double hydrating and dematting power will make grooming easier than ever before!


    • straighten
    • detangle
    • hydrate
    • volumise
    • dry faster
    • brightens coat
    • anti-static
    • anti-odour
    • anti-frizz


  • Reviews -

    Sarah (groomer)

    I used Intense in my shampoo. Rinsed out well. Coat felt lovely and soft, good moisture level. No static. Dried nicely and was fast. Coat was straight for a poodle coat.


    Lucia  (groomer)

    Lagotto Romagnolo coat very long with good natural curl. I used a Secret Weapon shampoo and added 5ml of Ultimutt Intense Conditioner to that 1 Liter mix.  There were some very bad matts in his coat but I managed to remove virtually all with just a pin brush and HV blaster. The coat was full of volume and straighter than I like so I mixed 3ml of Intense with 3ooml of water and sprayed the coat, the curl returned and the coat felt very soft and hydrated. 

    Great products - Very Happy!


    Janet (Pet Owner)  - I used about 10ml of Intense in my blueberry shine shampoo (undiluted) and as I was washing the coat I noticed how soft it was feeling, the mixture of shampoo and conditioner rinsed out really well, the coat felt squeeky clean too! Then I blasted the coat dry and couldn't believe how volumised and straight and fast the coat of my curly poodle mix was drying and I was able to simply comb out any knots.  

    The end result was a volumised lush soft coat which still looks AMAZING after 4 days! This will be my detangle conditioning product of choice from now on and I have used Secret Weapon products for the past 3 years this stuff is fabulous!

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