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Secret Weapon Xtra Duo

Secret Weapon Xtra Duo

SKU: Xtraduo

Secret Weapon Xtra duo consists of our populr Intense Xtra dematting treatment and our silicone free Tangle Tamer which both have that familiar tropical fragrance that you know and love.  

Secret Weapon Intense Xtra can be added to your favourite shampoo to aid hydrating and detangling whilst you wash or used as a post shampoo dematt treatment.  Intense Xtra can also be worked into any tough matts before shampooing so that it can get work loosening those matts. Tangle Tamer multi-use detangle spray is silicone free and hypoallergenic.Just spray and brush through, you'll be amazed how easily the coat becomes manageble.

  • 250ml Secret Weapon Intense Xtra
  • 250ml Tangle Tamer Xtra
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