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PRE-MIXED  Xtra spray-in/ leave-in

PRE-MIXED Xtra spray-in/ leave-in

SKU: Premix

No measuring or mixing with this diluted version of Secret Weapon Intense Xtra.

Pre-mixed is already diluted for you to use as a 'spray in leave-in hydrating detangler/conditioner'.

Pre-mixed is a great product to use if you don't bath your dog that often and great for daily coat maintenance.


  • Pre-mixed Ready to Use Solution

    This Secret Weapon Intense XtraPre-mixed solution can be used by adding it to your grooming shampoo or as a simple hydrating detangle spray.

    No mixing or measuring just an easy solution for pet owners and first time users!

    PLEASE NOTE: Pre-mixed is not a shampoo, it can be added to your shampoo at the ratio of 100ml per 1L of undiluted grooming shampoo or you can simply spray it nto the coat as you shampoo.

    • 250ml
    • Natural Oils
    • Hydrates
    • Detangles
    • Maintains
    • Made in the UK
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